Restored Lives

What is Restored Lives?

Restored Lives gives you the help and support you need, as well as practical tools, to get through your relationship breakdown and divorce. It is a safe, non-judgemental environment to meet others who are in the same situation allowing you to discuss, question and grapple with important issues. The course has been helping thousands of people recover from relationship breakdown for over 20 years and has been developed by a group of divorcees with different specialities -  from judges to family life experts.

The course runs weekly for 6 weeks in the home of the leaders and each week begins with a hot meal. All those that help run the course have been through divorce and separation themselves and have a passion to help others recover completely from the impact that relationship breakdown brings. 

RL Stories

James' Story
Kathy's Story
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Who is Restored Lives for?

I’ve just got separated – I can’t think.
Sometimes we can’t think straight but just having people around who understand what you are going through will help. Come and soak it in.

I’m in the middle of a legal battle – I’ll wait.
Legal battles can be exhausting. Many people have found that the course helps them through these intense times and enables you to have strength and make good decisions.

My divorce was over 10 years ago.
There’s no time limit on emotions affecting you. If you have just finished another relationship or still feel impacted by a relationship breakdown, then the course will help you.

I was never actually married.
This course is available for anyone who has been impacted by the end of a serious relationship.

I can’t talk about my situation without getting emotional.
There’s nothing to worry about, this is a common reaction and the course is a safe, non-threatening place. Nobody will judge you for being emotional we understand what a tough time this is. Although there is opportunity for group discussions there is no pressure to say anything if you don’t want to.

I’m not a church-goer.
This course is designed for you. Yes, it’s been developed by a bunch of people at a church, but it’s all about giving you the practical tools and support to get through a relationship breakdown. Don’t worry, its non-judgemental and unthreatening.


Next Restored Lives Details

Although we are unable to run this course while lockdown restrictions apply, there is an opportunity to do this course online with HTB Church.
When: Monday evenings at 7 pm

Start Date: tbc

Where: Online (Zoom)

Cost: £20

Sign Up:  tbc


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