Richard & Catherine Weston

International Student Ministry

Mission background
Richard & Catherine Weston have been engaged in international student ministry since they left All Nations Christian College in 1985. They began in Cambridge and then moved to Oxford in 1990 where they still live.  Most of this time they have been employed by Friends International, including 10 years for Richard as National Director.


Present work
In 2009 Richard passed on the leadership of Friends International so that the Westons could give their energies to consulting and pioneering roles and return to grass roots ministry with students. They aim to run a hospitable home and seek to involve their church in East Oxford in reaching out to international students in the area.  As associate staff of Friends International they give some of their time to speaking, training and writing.  A significant proportion of Richard’s time is now spent in travelling to pioneer and facilitate international student ministry in other parts of the world.


Connection with St Paul’s
Catherine grew up at St Paul’s from the age of seven and as a teenager helped with Sunday school groups. When she returned to Leamington for a year after being away at university she helped out with Pathfinders’ club, joined a home group and was involved in music. Richard and Catherine were married at St Paul’s in 1982 and have been visiting regularly as mission partners ever since their time at All Nations. Catherine’s father was an active member of St Paul’s and her mother is still a member.

If you would like to receive copies of the Westons quarterly newsletter, please contact them directly at catherine@intonations.org or have a word with a member of the GO team.

St Paul’s Church, Leicester St,
Leamington Spa, CV32 4TE