Following guidance from the Church of England today, we have had to make the decision to suspend all our services, meetings and events for the time being.  The message from the Church of England, which we fully endorse is that Church is Changing but Church is not Closed.

On Tuesday 17 March , Jonathan went live on facebook for the first time to talk about our plans.  You should be able to see this here.
Following the Prime Minister's announcement on Monday 23 March about staying in our homes, Jonathan also live streamed a message from home which you can see here.  

Pastoral Care
We will be encouraging people in small groups to care for each other and keep in good contact with each other as much as possible.  Communities like Oasis, Mirth, Midweek service people, 8 am Communion people, 20s and 30s and Singles already have some of their own social networks and should be looking after each other as much as possible. 

Our Youth team will be keeping in touch with the young people and the Children's team will be sending out resources to families. 

Small group leaders can be in touch with Jan ( if there are needs that can't be met within their groups.  Those not in small groups or in the midweek congregation can also get in touch with Jan (   The 8 am congregation and groups like Oasis and MIRTH are also keeping in touch with members as far as possible.
We have been connecting people with others in their local area for mutual support.  
If you have not been contacted and are in need of support, please do get in touch.  We are sending out weekly emails and, if you are not receiving these and would like to, please let us know.  

Teaching and Sundays
On Sunday 22 March, our Archbishops called for a day of Prayer and Action and we encouraged all our church members to spend time in prayer that day.  
Jonathan livestreamed a message to the church at 10 am which you can see here.  We also encouraged people to light candles in their windows at 7 pm as they prayed.  You can see a montage of some of our church members' candles here.  

From Sunday (29 March), we will be live streaming worship from 10 am each Sunday with contributions from different members of the team from their own homes, including prayers, sung worship and talks for both children and adults.  Our youth team are meeting by zoom on Tuesday evenings. 

You can engage with these live streams on Facebook by following) or on Youtube, using this link 

Our Friday emails will continue as usual.  We will be keeping our website updated with current plans and resources for prayer and worship.  We will also be sending things out regularly by email or on Facebook, and if you aren't currently connected you can use the links below to follow us on Facebook or twitter - or click here to join churchsuite.  It would be helpful if you could share and respond to our facebook posts as this will help to get the message out to as many as possible.  If you are on Spotify, we have a Spotify playlist here of songs that we sing at St Paul's which you might find helpful in your own worship. 

All our staff are now working from home but you should still be able to reach us by email or phone (all our email addresses are available on the church website).

Mission Opportunities
You may want to use this card to deliver to some of your neighbours to let them know you are able to help (if you are in a position to do so).  Some of our church members have already done this and some have included a small bar of chocolate with it.  

We recognise that these are challenging times but we also have confidence that God is in charge and will be with us through whatever the next few weeks and months bring.

As a staff team, our prayers are with you. 

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Updated - Sunday 5 July 2020